Isekai ni Tensei Shitandakedo Ore, Tensai tte Kanchigai Saretenai?



Arakawa Kouki got reincarnated to Japan that shares a different history with the Japan he knows, with the memories of his previous life still intact. Kouki was discouraged, “Ain’t reincarnation stories was supposed to be at some fantasy world filled with swords and magics and elves?!” But one day, his random scribbles leads (his mom) to the discovery of a certain formula, which as a result, made him to be mistaken for a genius by the whole world.

For that achievement, he was sent to the school of prodigies, the State Technology Academy, where he met the Canadian girl Alice, and the robot engineering genius Shingo. And even at such a place, he was still mistaken as a genius?!  Every time Kouki shows his knowledge from his previous life, he was mistaken as a genius, and everywhere he goes, irregularity follows.

This is a comedic life of a genius reincarnation, with lots of accidental mistook.

Chapter list:

Introduction Chapter

Prologue – Birth

Chapter 1 – Figuring Out the Situation

Chapter 2 – Discrepancy in History

Chapter 3 – Present

Chapter 4 – Resolution

Chapter 5 – Academy Enrollment Preparation

School Arc 1st Semester

Chapter 6 – Entrance Ceremony

Chapter 7 – Ms. Histeric and My First Friend

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

Chapter 14

Chapter 15

Chapter 16

Chapter 17

Chapter 18

Chapter 19

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26

School Arc 2009-2011 Summer Vacation 

Chapter 27

Chapter 28